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VMware Update Manager

Keeping your infrastructure up-to-date is one of the crucial tasks of day to day operations of every system administrator. Path management and compliance checks of the environment is usually long run and unfortunately not every environment is patched periodically. There are several major results of un-patched environment Missing security patches that might lead into compromising […]


How to build custom ESXi installation image

Sometimes it might happen that default installation image do not contain all necessary software packages you would like to install directly with the ESXi server itself. There are several use-cases for using custom ESXi installation image. Either you are using some specific drivers that are not included in the base installation itself and you can’t […]


VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster Recommended Practices

Today many companies are deploying infrastructures based on Metro Cluster (also known as Stretched Cluster). This approach is getting more and more popular since it eliminates possible downtime when one of the datacenters goes offline. Basically with Metro Cluster your workload is actively served from both locations simultaneously and those locations are quite close (that’s […]


Lockdown mode

Today we will talk about lockdown mode. Although lockdown mode has been around for several years not many people are actually using that feature either because they do not even know that it exists or because the is not that many articles about it. I have to say that I have not been using lockdown […]

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