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Insta Clone

One of the new features in vSphere 6.7 is Instant Clone. Well, it’s not exactly new feature, some of you might heard about something called VMfork but since vSphere 6.7 its fully integrated into the vSphere itself. So, what it is? Imagine a situation when you need to (almost) instantly create dozens or even hundred […]


VMware Update Manager

Keeping your infrastructure up-to-date is one of the crucial tasks of day to day operations of every system administrator. Path management and compliance checks of the environment is usually long run and unfortunately not every environment is patched periodically. There are several major results of un-patched environment Missing security patches that might lead into compromising […]


HPE Power Advisor & Power Calculations

If you ever designed larger infrastructure projects, you might already know that cabinet size is not the only limitation for your infrastructure. There are other huge factors as well and probably the biggest is power limitation of the cabinet itself. Either if you are running your own DC room or you rent cabinets in existing […]

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