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If you ever designed larger infrastructure projects, you might already know that cabinet size is not the only limitation for your infrastructure. There are other huge factors as well and probably the biggest is power limitation of the cabinet itself.

Either if you are running your own DC room or you rent cabinets in existing colocation facility there is always some upper limit in total power load of the cabinet. This is based on design of the facility, how the cooling and power capacity of the facility is scaled.

In the past I was doing some assumptions in terms of power consumption of installed hardware in Excel spreadsheet but some time ago I have discovered HPE Power Advisor web application, where you can easily design your infrastructure and you will immediately see power requirements.

How big change is switching from Intel Xeon 4116 to 8160 in your 20 hosts assuming increase of utilization from 60% to 85%? Well, all those questions can be easily answered by Power Advisor.

Please note, that the application is from HPE so only HPE hardware is supported, but for general servers the calculations will be ± identical among all vendors. For special hardware like Blades or Storage arrays there might be bigger discrepancy but still it will give you basically understanding of the infrastructure.

Let’s have a look at the application itself.

At the beginning you have to select rack type and input power of the facility.

After that you can start playing with the hardware and its configuration. In this example I have added single HPE DL360 G10 server and as you can see there is a lot of configuration options. Immediately once you add some hardware you will see overall impact on your Power consumption and you can also set the utilization in %.

So, what will be power consumption of 20 identical servers?

Nice thing is, that except Power load you can see additional metrics as VA rating for scaling your UPS systems or BTU rating for scaling of your cooling systems.

As said, you can easily create more advanced configuration like Blade systems and storage arrays.

In this example I have configured single C7000 chassis with 16 blade servers

And whole cabinet consisting of 2 fully loaded blade chassis and 3PAR All-Flash storage with 7 disk shelves each hosting 24 SSDs

I have to say that I really love this piece of software. It is much easier to properly design infrastructure solution based on your power capacity of cabinets and it is question of minutes, not hours as before with Excel.

If you are using other than HPE hardware it will be good idea to consult your vendor for exact calculations but for initial design, you can use HPE hardware as a guideline as well. I don’t think that there will be big difference in the power consumption for different servers at all.

Pretty sweet, no?

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