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For those of you who prefer reading books I have a great news! O’Reilly announced several dozens of free books related to multiple topic recently.

They are not focused on VMware directly but there are more focused on general cloud principles.

Free WebOps & DevOps Ebooks

Few selected books that might be handy for you

BGP in the Data Center

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) has emerged as the most popular routing protocol for the data center, yet many network operators and data center administrators are concerned about its complexity. This practical report peels away the mystique to reveal an elegant and mature, simple yet sophisticated protocol. Author Dinesh Dutt covers BGP operations, as well as enhancements that greatly simplify its use, so practitioners can refer to this report as an operational manual.

Docker in the Cloud

Enterprises are moving an increasing number of workloads to public as well as private clouds, including significant portions of their IT infrastructure. If your company is considering a similar shift, this short cookbook provides a dozen recipes for creating Docker hosts on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Engine (GCE), and Microsoft Azure.

Monitoring Distributed Systems

Monitoring is an essential part of a modern production system. If you can’t monitor a service, you don’t know what’s happening, and if you’re blind to what’s happening, your service can’t be reliable. In this excerpt from O’Reilly’s book Site Reliability Engineering, you’ll learn how and what to monitor, using implementation-agnostic best practices.

Network Automation with Ansible

API-driven network devices are much easier to manage and operate than their older counterparts, but that’s not their only advantage. These new devices also enable true network automation, and that’s a real game changer for network engineers. This O’Reilly report explores the capabilities of Ansible, an agentless and extensible configuration management platform that dovetails well with the new trend in software-defined networking.

Docker Security

To use Docker safely, in both production and development, you need to be aware of the potential security issues and the major tools and techniques for securing container-based systems. In this O’Reilly report, Adrian Mouat—Chief Scientist at Container Solutions—provides guidance and advice for developing container security policies and procedures.


As remarkable as Docker containers are, they still need to be heavily scheduled and orchestrated to run efficiently, and seamlessly replaced and re-balanced when they fail. It’s a big job, well beyond the abilities of Chef, Puppet, and similar tools. This O’Reilly report introduces you to Kubernetes, a cluster management system from Google that’s capable of scheduling and launching roughly 7,000 containers a second.

If you are interested in Business & Leadership, Programing or design feel free to look at the full list of books available

Enjoy reading!

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