VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster Recommended Practices

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Today many companies are deploying infrastructures based on Metro Cluster (also known as Stretched Cluster). This approach is getting more and more popular since it eliminates possible downtime when one of the datacenters goes offline.

Basically with Metro Cluster your workload is actively served from both locations simultaneously and those locations are quite close (that’s why it gets name Metro as a metropolitan). It is not Disaster Recovery architecture where you replicate workloads to different site (usually using asynchronous replication) but as said both sites are active in any single given time. This approach gives you more flexibility and you can (almost) treat it as a single location infrastructure (with some limitations and impacts) but as said it is much simpler than traditional BC/DR solution.

VMware wrote nice White Paper about Metro Cluster in the past and now it has been updated to VMware vSphere 6.5

Even if you don’t run Metro Cluster within your environment I strongly suggest to read following paper because it gives you lot of insights and maybe once you will run your own Metro Cluster infrastructure!

Download paper

Online version

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