vSphere and iSCSI storage best practices

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Duncan Epping recently updated official whitepaper regarding iSCSI best practices that describes how to correctly present iSCSI based storage arrays to VMware vSphere cluster.

Definitely interesting paper and if you run such configuration really worth reading through. It can provide you lot of best-practices and configuration examples.


VMware offers and supports a number of different storage technologies and protocols for presenting external storage devices to VMware vSphere® hosts. In recent years, the iSCSI protocol has gained popularity as a method for presenting block storage devices over a network to vSphere hosts. VMware has provided support for iSCSI storage since Virtual Infrastructure 3. This paper can help you understand the design considerations and deployment options for deploying vSphere infrastructures using iSCSI storage. It highlights trade-offs and factors to consider when deploying iSCSI storage to support vSphere environments. It is a complement to, not a replacement for, VMware® product documentation.

Download the paper

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